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Ark Mission is an organization in the Netherlands taking up the challenge of introducing people to the Bible, so that they may get to know Jesus Christ as their personal Redeemer. Difficult? Certainly. But by listening to what people are concerned about, we can show them that the Bible is relevant for the questions they face in their lives.


Ark Mission: active in sharing the Bible

Ark Mission’s goal is to convey the message and the relevance of the Bible to people today. We do this by developing and subsidizing materials that meet the needs of specific groups of people, for a range of age groups, in the Netherlands and worldwide. In order to reach people, we specifically aim for a tone, presentation, product form and method that is both appealing and appropriate for them personally. For this, a thorough knowledge of their culture and society is essential.

Where it improves efficiency, we work together with other organizations, such as Open Doors, Bible League, Compassion, Mercy Ships, Youth for Christ

 and Wycliffe.

Examples of Bible projects

In the Netherlands

  • Bajesagenda (Jail diary): A pastoral diary for detainees with
  • Bible verses and prayers.
  • Straatbijbel (Street Bible): The Bible in the street slang.
  • Ik heb verdriet (I am mourning): A booklet to support people who are grieving.
  • Bijbels voor zeelieden (Bibles for sailors): Bibles given to sailors who dock in one of the Dutch harbors. They are written in their own language and also include verses for pastoral support.


  • Life Guide: This Bible supplemented with information about healthy living and disease prevention, targeted at people in developing countries.
  • Children’s Bibles for the Bassa tribe: The children’s Bible in the language of the Bassa tribe in Liberia, which is used by thousands of locals to learn to read.
  • Biker Bibles for Ukraine: The Bible supplemented with stories from bikers and ex-criminals who have come to know God. The 'Christian motorcycle club Disciples' distributes these Bibles at large biker events in Ukraine. 


App Bible-Fit

The app Bible-Fit is Ark Mission’s worldwide digital Bible project. The app helps you to quickly find your way in the Bible. Are you looking for a verse to encourage someone? Would you like to start reading the Bible with a friend? Or are you looking for inspiration for a Bible study? Bible-Fit bridges the gap between the Bible and your daily life!
The Bible-Fit app will help people of all ages get to know the Bible; they will find out how it applies to their daily lives. The app’s themes are suitable for use in an international context, appealing to people from a wide range of countries and cultures. 

More information on
Take a look at the Bible-Fit trailer.
Download the app via the AppStore or GooglePlay.

Donate for Bible-Fit

Ark Mission raises funds for the Bible-Fit app. With your support we can publish the app in more languages, enabling people all over the world to have the Bible close at hand. Your support would be greatly appreciated! Donate easily online,

Financial accountability

Ark Mission is completely dependent on financial support from donors, churches, congregations and organizations to develop and finance Bible projects. In 2014 we celebrated our 100th anniversary. Thanks to our donors, the foundation has sufficient means to keep meeting its goals in the future, too. All activities are financed from our own resources.

By having direct contact with the managers of the Bible projects in the Netherlands and worldwide, we monitor the responsible use of donations. Ark Mission has the ‘ANBI status’, which means that donations in the Netherlands are tax deductible.


Mrs. Jolanda Kromhout
Manager Bible projects
Telephone: +31(0)20 4802981

Mrs. Ingrid Parlevliet
Manager fundraising and social media
Telephone: +31(0)20 4802990

Mr. Mark de Boer
Managing director
Telephone: +31(0)20 4802980
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